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Tiburon - Spanish for shark and representative of our relentlessness, efficiency, ability to move swiftly and capacity to adapt.

Tiburon Holdings, LLC is the holding company,  the operative entity  of a value, of the varied activities of this event-driven investment manager. Accounts managed by Tiburon invest in the securities of companies with plausible events - Revaluation Catalysts - that can cause material revaluation in price, regardless of markets.

Tiburon participates in illquid credit markets via Tiburon Credit Opportunity Partners, LLC, including direct investment in hard to value/trade securities, loans and other obligations as well as liquidation advisory.

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Tiburon Products include:

Institutionally-oriented and priced Seperately Managed Accounts that track our historical mutual fund or hedge fund strategies.

"High Conviction" Single Name or Theme Separately Managed Accounts. NEW: Contact us about our High Conviction Long Investment Idea, and Short Thematic Basket Portfolio Idea.

Contact us to sell illiquid investments, retain us to liquidate:

t 646.840.4925

e info@tiburonholdings.net 

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