Peter M. Lupoff founded Tiburon Holdings in 2009. Peter was part of the investment staff and Chief Investment Officer and Co-Portfolio Manager. Mr. Lupoff, no longer involved in the day-to-day operations, remains an Advisor to the firm. Peter formerly was a Managing Director at Millennium Management, the New York based Multi-Strategy hedge fund where he managed an allocation of the Millennium Partners flagship fund employing identical event-driven strategies. Previously he was Managing Director and Senior Portfolio Manager of the Robeco WPG Distressed Special Situations Fund. Peter presently invests for his family and friends solely, via Lupoff Friends and Family Interests, LLC.

Mr. Lupoff's experience in deep value equity and distressed investing strategies began in 1990 when he began working with Marty Whitman of Third Avenue Funds. Peter's deep value, bottom-up approach is largely informed by this experience. His accumen and theses regarding risk and trading to defend NAV are informed by his experiences with Izzy Englander and Millennium Management. Funds Mr. Lupoff have managed or co-managed have achieved awards such as GAIM's Top Performing Emerging Distressed Manager, MARHedge's Event-Driven Manager and an Institutional Investor nomination as Hedge Fund House of the Year. Tiburon's proprietary BRACE investment methodology was conceived by him, a bi-product his tenure with these storied investors.

Peter is a Fellow at Fordham University's Center for Advance Research in Contemporary Finance and Special Lecturer at Yale School of Management.

Mr. Lupoff is a regular featured discussant on academic papers related to, and consultant to, The Federal Reserve Bank regarding market shocks and liquidity. Mr. Lupoff provides expert testimony on matters related to hedge funds, trading and his specific strategies, and advises, and/or sits of the board of other, unaffiliated investment managers.


Founder, Advisor

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